The Carreño Mission

Our mission is to awaken the love of music in children, adults, thus creating values such as responsability, honesty, discipline, leadership, commitment, selflessness and self-esteem. All values that lead an individual to integrate seamlessly and effectively in this society and competitive world.

The Carreño Philosophy

Our philosophy relies on the dedication and trust that we transmit in our music and art classes basing it on mutual respect amongst our peers, allowing us to forge with dedication and perseverance the path of the future competitive and creative artists of the world.

Carreño Academy scholarships

We don’t want any child to be left without studying music!

Contact us and you will learn about our scholarships!

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Music Connection

Music connection unfolds within an atmosphere of joy, music, games and instruments, with Lic. Myriam Carreño, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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